The Varginha EBE

The Varginha case is unique in many ways. First of all it’s an once-in-a-lifetime shot for UFO-researchers to have a really ”hard” case in their hands. UFOlogists that has great insight from their studies of previous cases from the 40’s and up to date. UFOlogists as Stanton T. Friedman and John Carpenter, who to many represents the ”famous elite”. But also well renowned men like the local investigators Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Pacaccini (who was the first two to investigate and blew the case right open), AJ Gevaerd (MUFON’s representive in Brazil). Men like Stanton T. Friedman is an expert in the legedary Roswell-incident and knows how the secrecy-machine works, an insight that will be vital when it comes to finding out what has happened to the EBE’s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) that is supposed to have been transfered alive to Albrook Airforce Base in Panama. Click on the picture for enlarged version.

By Jorgen Westman
Illustrations by Thomas Feiner.

My intention with this article is to try to make a thorougly presentation of the case with all vital information available from researchers in USA and Brazil to this date. To my help I have two of the researchers that went down to Brazil and Varginha to get first hand information from local researchers - Stanton T. Friedman and John Carpenter. And then I have all the reports from a number of Brazilian investigators, along with articles in UFO magazines and daily news media. I also like to thank Paulo H Andrade and Ricardo Varrela Correa for doublechecking my information. As I hope you understand - I can’t personally speak for the veracity of all this information as I have only gathered what the local researchers has presented. But as Bob Marley sang ”time will tell”.
As the investigation still is ongoing the names of ”delicate” witnesses is withheld to protect their familys and most of all themself. To this category I place military and hospital staff, and some authority-personal. I’m sure they will be presented in the near future. I must mark that the witnesses names is NOT withheld by ME, but by the local researchers.

Varginha, is a city of 120,000 people is located in Brazils Minas Gerais state and the main incident happened in the northern part of the city between January 20-22, 1996. But let’s not get ahead. There is an incident prior to the main event.

NORAD warning of a UFO going down

Around midnight between January 19-20 NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) contacts their Brazilian alike CINDACTA (I Centro INtegrado de Defesa Aerea e Controle de Trafego Aereo or Intergrated Center on Air Defense and Air Traffic Control ) and warnes them of a UFO coming down over southern parts of Minas Gerais state. This is witnessed and leaked by both an Brazilian Air Force man and an employee at the rdara facility at Air Force Base VI Comar, who recived the information, all this according to John Carpenter and Ricardo Varela Correa.
On January 20, after midninght, at aprox. 1:30 AM the farmworkers-couple Augusta and Eurico Rodrigues were wakened by the roams of the farm-cows and sheeps. As they looked out the window to see what was up they saw the animals running from one side to the other. As they looked up the sky the saw a silent UFO without lights. John Carpenter gives us an image of the UFO:

”It was a submarine-shaped "mini-bus" that was trembling like a curtain and emitting smoke or fog as it descended to at least 5 meters above the ground. A military witness now admits that it crashed and he was part of the debris retrieval. Material was twisted and lightweight. (source: AJ Gevaerd in my video)”
The Rodrigues couples farm is placed in a coffe district located 10 kilometers (6 miles) northwest from the town of Varginha, midway between Varginha and Tres Coracoes. The house sits at the edge of the road. And the UFO is belived to have crashed between 1:30 AM and 5:00 AM that night.. An American civilian was present when the cigarrshaped UFO was loaded aboard a flatbed truck in the early morning of January 20 - a saturday, according to Brazil’s UFO Magazine. Between the alleged crashsite and the outskirts of park Jardim Andere, where the EBE later on was first spotted and captured, lays a forest. A probable scenario is that a number of EBE’s outlived the crash and went by foot (!?) through the woods and ended up in the park of Jardim Andere 6 miles southeast. Local people immediatly associated this spaceship with the EBE’s who appeared 7 hours later. There has also surfaced statements by a military source that a farmer (not Rodrigues) shot one of the EBE’s that crawled out of the crashed cigarr-shaped UFO.

First EBE caught in city park

According to John Carpenter - this is his description of the park:

”Jardim Andere is a district or suburban neighborhood where some houses are under construction. There is a grassy slope toward some woods between this district and the Santana district nearby.”
8:00 AM College student Hildo Lucio Galdino, 20, who lives in the Jardim Andere section of Varginha, has reportedly told UFO investigators Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Pacaccini that he saw one of the alien survivors shortly after 8 a.m. that morning. Opening his bathroom window, Hildo looked out and saw "a creature with oily dark brown skin crouched in the alleyway." The alien, which Hildo described as having "very small hands with three extremely long fingers, kind of like a starfish," ran away when Hildo cried out. The creature had no hair and no clothing and was 4-5 feet in height.
Several calls comes to the fire department (as early as 7:00 AM) about some wild animal on the loose in the northern city-park Jardim Andere, like a jaguar or a peccary. And in a confidential taped interview a sergeant of the firestation confirms that at 9:00 AM the Fire Department of Varginha was required to capture a strange animal in the area. When four firemen arrived in a fireengine, they noticed that it was not a strange animal at all, and they also found the miltary already on the spot. The man in charge who send the four firemen to Jardim Andere to check the situation was Major Maciel. These firemen, at the moment they arrived there, called the major thru radio and asked him to go there too as the situation was more complicated than they thought. The Major arrived aprox. 10:30 AM, but by then the capture of the EBE was allready done. It was done with a net for wild animals and they used common gloves, but were afraid of radiation. According to witnesses on spot there were some people, including children who throwed some stones towards the EBE, who appeared apathic to the way he was treated. He only gave away a noise similar to bees buzzing. The adress of where the EBE was captured is in front of the house at Rua Suecia 3, Jardim Andere. The EBE was then placed in a wooden box with a white plastic canvas-cover, stretched hard to really make insight impossible, and transported away by a army truck. The miltary and firemen on the site was:
Lieutenant Colonel Olimpio Wanderley (Chief of operations)
Lieutenant Tiberio
Captain Ramirez
Sargeant Pedrosa (Brazilian Army secret service S-2)

Truck drivers from the ESA (military school, 25 kilometers from Varginha in the town of Tres Coracoes)

Corporal Cirilo
Soldier Vassalo
Soldier De Mello

And also the chief of the first operation of capture - MAJOR MACIEL.
All this is backed by a witness on the inside of the fire department with access to several classified information. Also by civilian witnesses like Henrique Jose da Silva.
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