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- What is it they're trying to hide?

In 1968 Soviet released a number of photos of an American test-facility 75 miles outside Las Vegas in the middle of nowhere. But no one reacted until the Soviets again in 1983 released new photos that revealed how the facility had expanded in big way the last 15 years. Soon after that, people started to come out describing how the American government tested new super-weapons on the facility along with "mindcontrol"-testing, and everything through "black budget". This base is called AREA 51, or as the Nevada state calls it - ”Project 51 USAF”.

By Jorgen Westman.

UFO over Area 51 Theres no doubt that secret testings of even more secret projects are conducted at the top-secret base. But what about the claims that it is a reproduction/science-factory of crashed extraterristrial crafts?
People say that they have seen experimental crafs fly over the facility. They have been reported as disc-shaped and sometimes triangle-shaped and has conducted manouvers that would turn a human into forcemeat by the G-force. These crafts has been video-taped and I have seen a couple of the tapes myself and I can verify that the manouvers are complex - although I couldn't verify the shape of the crafts.
UFO over Area 51 In the last 50 years the military has rejected the existence of the facility and has kept on doing so until October 26, 1994 when two workers sued the facility to have caused them cancer by ordering them to burn items in a gravel-pit on the base and by that being exposed to toxic waste. And since then it has surfaced that the government has stationed 5 of their CT-43 planes at Hill AFB. They're used to fly workers and high ranking people on and off the base. This surfaced as Bill Clintons minister of trade, Ronald brown, crashed mysteriously over Bosnia and the Air Force Time-magazine ran a check on how many CT-43 planes the government owned, and where they were located.

Area-51 (as it is called in everyday terms) was build around 1947 and by the mid 50's and up to date, a number of top-secret airplanemodels has been developed at the facility. Some of those are spyplanes like U-2 and A-12, but also its pre-model SR-71 "Blackbird". F-117 as we all know as Stealt Fighter and its pre-model Have Blue. It's also rumour that the base Aurora has been the testing ground of the new Aurora plane-project. But we must remember that the name Aurora also was the codeword for the early B-2 bomber. But according to sources has the government named one of the CT-43's (identificationnumber N5294E) to - "City Of Aurora". The CT-43's are also called "Janet Airlines" , as "Janet" is the codeword to get landingpermit on the facility and to avoid identification by "spy-listeners".

On the facility there are 3000 people under contract who work. They're exchanged every two months by another 3000 people. This to prevent insight of the facilitys different areas and to prevent picking up on rumours. The workers are only allowed to work at their marked spot and not allowed to move about inside the facility-area. Besides the military and the workers, only 500 other people has seen the inside of the facility the last 50 years(!)

It was in 1984, soon after the second release by the Soviet-spyphotos, that the US government went in and illegally seized 89,000 acres of public land to restrict civilians from seeing what lies inside the forbidden zone. And again in April 1995 when the Interior Deaprtment official turned over 4,000 more acres of public land to the military, along with them the mountain ridge called - Freedom Ridge. This time to prevent people to take a peek from the mountainsloats and tops nearby.

Rachel & Psychospy

Glenn Campbel (Psychspy) Rachel is the closest "town" to Area 51, with its 100 people and only 4 in the graveyard. In the last 6 years the town has become some sort of a Mecca to UFO-enthusiasts. And in the little community you can find Area 51 Research Center who is runned by Glenn Campbel (aka /Psychospy), Dean Kanip and Sharon Singer. Area 51 Research Center is a private research and publishing-company that researches the many mysterious claims around the "forbidden zone". In a trailer next to the gasstation The research center sell various souvenirs and books to finance its projects. Campbel and a number of other "spare-time" researchers has more than once been confronted by the secret facilitys security personal, the so called "Commo Dudes", with their white jeeps and their camoflage clothes.
A numer of people that got to close to a peek has also been chased (among them a man named Hayakawa) at night by black helicopters that don't make a sound in the air. Sound familiar?! The same type of helicopters have at numerous occasions been reported around thise strange mutilation-cases that have been reported in thousands since early 70's...
Commo-dude from EG&G The small mining-town of Rachel would still be unknown to the world if it wasn't for the - UFOs. Since 1989 people from all over the world has travelled to road 375 in hope to sight some flying saucers that they belive are extraterristrial.
Despite that there's only 30 miles between Rachel and Area-51 you can't travel between them as the governments securitycontroactors EG&G has installed a highly sensitive sensor-equipment that can tell if you're a deer, rackoon or a man, so you can forget about sneeking in there unseen. But some has tried it and been jailed and the average timeline before your caught is 10-15 minutes. Think about it - how far do you get of those 30 miles in 15 minutes?

Planes falling out of the sky

The town Rachel To live that close to a military facility means risks. Despite the fact that there's sonic booms all the time, the planes falls out of the sky.
The first crash occured in 1984, right outside the town-dump. In 1986 two Norwegian F-16 jet-fighters collided over Rachel and one crashed in the middle of the city, just yards from the playground. The pilot had already ejected himself and was immediatly picked up by a helicopter before the base personal went into town to put out the fire and cleaned up the mess.
All together 2 planes has crashed over Rachel and at least 3 documented over the facility.

Most of the towns inhabitants has never seen a flying saucer and are overall skeptic about the whole topic, but holds it back as the towns tourist-trade has gone skyhigh. And there's only 5-6 people in town that works at the Nellis Test Site (which Area-51 is a part of). And those who used to work at Area-51 before, don't want to talk about it, except over a beer or three at the local bar - Little Alie-inn. Rachels mining-assits dried out in 1988 and the town, mostly made out of trailers, was facing its death, when a man who claimed that he worked at Area-51 went public with his story. That man was Robert "Bob" Lazar (see article on next page).
The content of all those rumours about the base connection with UFOs is based on two scenarios.

Schriever-Nazi-UFO:s 1. It was here the American military brought the secret Nazi-projects they stumbled on in Peenemünde, one of those was Von Brauns V-rockets. The possibility that the Americans could have stumbled on UFOs by engineers like those of Schriever and Miethe (under Nazi-control) has been prevalent a long time and I will get back to that in upcoming issues of "NARKONTAKT".

2. It was to Area-51 the USAF brought the crashed UFOs in the end of the 40's and the beginning of the 50's (Roswell, Socorro and so on).

A third scenario could be (as some claim) that we did have direct contact with aliens in 1964 as it is described in Speilbergs film "Close Encounters of The Third Kind", which is based on that rumour.

It's also belived that there has been experiments at the facility with advanced hightech microchips that are so small that they could be placed in the new healthcards the state has released recently, and there's indications that it's a connection to the NRO (The National Recconn-aissance Office) and their 800 satellites that was tested during the Gulf-war. If these microchips are inside those healthcards, the NRO satellite can pinpoint every cardcarrying person all over the states! This satellites was so secret that not even the president knew about them until recently when they were exposed with big headlines. There's also suspicions that the mutilation-issue is linked to this project in some way. Research around brainwaves at 8-12 Hz are also belived to be conducted. The goal is to develope a weapon that can change a persons mood and behaviour with altering the brainwave-scale around him. it's also mentioned that there's a possibility to use brainwaves as identification as two brains can't have the same pattern. Personal at the base has also reported experiments with "memory-control" as they have seen things they weren't supposed to.

Big scenarios, but no hard facts...

ET Highway...

Campbel and friends gives ET-Highway a thumb down In October 1994 TV-guru Larry King (CNN) came to Rachel with a team of 50 people and made a livespecial called "UFO Cover-Up: Live from Area 51." And now Hollywood has jumped the alien-wagoon with it's new big movie Independence Day (ID4) which comes up on the theaters on, yeah that's right! - 4th of July!
In Rachel the filmcrew and the moviestars had a cermony where the Governor of Nevada, Bob Miller, renamed Road 375 to ET-Highway.

Glenn Campbel (Psychospy) is concerned about the increasing tourism. The risk that people will dare to go beyond the "forbidden zone" is growing every day. And the fact that the signs the security personal has put out says "may use deadly force" can end up in deaths of stupid tourists.

Nevada Governor Bob Miller A funny episode is about how they were escorted to Rachel.
Glenn Campbels friend "ContainerX" had put up a number of signs on his own along the road, with the words "ID4" that looked official. And as the convoy of FOX-people, filmstars and the Governor approached (and didn't know where they were going) "Container X" got in the front with his car. And as the convoy with "Container X" in front got close to the intersection that leads to the secret facility (which you are under no circumstance allowed to enter!) he took a turn and the whole convoy with aprox. 50-60 cars was aiming for AREA 51!!! As Campbell felt that this was a bit much he had the convoy back to the mainroad again as the police came thundering with their lights and screams... Funny guy that "Container X"!

"Jarod 2"

Jarod-1 Robert "Bob" Lazar isn't the only one that has leaked stories about the facility to the press. But up til today he's the only one that has used his real name.
"Jarod 2" is a 70 year old man who nowdays live in Pennsylvania, and claims to have worked at Area-51 for 30 years (mid 50's til the end of the 80's) with designing a flyingsimulator to learn humans to fly the flying sucers called "JAY-rods". He claims to have build this machine with the help of a real alien called "Jarod 1" (see drawing). The name of the alien is what people at the base use instead of the name Greys that we call them.
"Jarod-2" says that he knows that at least 3 of his machines are still in use today and his description of the interior fits Bob Lazars claims. He also describes how the military picked up at least 2 different crashed UFOs (1947-1952), from which they since then have tried to develope eart-bound saucers. But how he got in contact with a "real" alien is not told... He continues with telling us that Richard Nixon was "elected" the post as Head of Command of this "Independent Government" in 1953, in the lines with MJ-12, which was to deal with all incoming cases of UFOs. He also say that "Jarod-1" took a great deal of Bor (chemical substance) to prevent aging, and the fact that almost every bor-mine are under government-control is a funny coincidence... He also claims that his commander has said that the aliens speak a higher form of Hungarian "-As it is the hardest language to learn." If this is logic is above my head, but on the other hand - Zsa Zsa Gabor looks and behaves like an alien...
But according to my dictionary the Hungarian language has its origin in the Xinjiang province in Kina around year 896. Hhmmm...

"Alfred" is another man who claims that he has worked at the Nevada Test Site in the early 60's and claims that he has seen extraterristrial crafts.

A lot can be said about Area-51, but only a small amount can be proven fact. But one thing we can do is to check the background of the one person that has went public...

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