With this article we wish to shed some light on some of the occurrences when unknown form of writings have been retrieved or observed during or after a UFO sighting. In most of the cases, the contact or the observer has believed the writings to be alien in origin. Proof of this does not exist. On the contrary, in several cases it is clear that the explanation lies elsewhere. Clas Svahn, a reporter for UFO-Aktuellt here offers the reader a few case files to ponder.

Signs from up above

Written by Clas Svahn
Translated by Monika Andersson

”Stop all tests of atomic bombs of military use. The balance of the universe is threatened”. The scribbling on a piece of paper shocked Helio Aguiar upon reading it. A few minutes earlier he had been photographing an oval shaped object that had swept across the sky and then mysteriously disappeared. After regaining consciousness ha had found the messages written on a piece of paper he was holding in his hand. But it was not only the message itself that was strange. As Helio Aguiar took a closer look, he discovered that the handwriting was his own...

In literature dealing with spiritualistic matters, there are many examples of written messages emanating from the other side. Lost spirits that wish to communicate with the world they left too soon. But the messages are often meager, the percentage of useful information low.

Also in connection to UFO sightings, written messages and warnings are retrieved. But their contents are often similar to those of the ouija tables and the automatic writing’s - the minds behind them hardly impressive. On some occasions the foreign object have worn markings or symbols as a kind of license plate. What do these written messages tell us? Is there any way to prove their authenticity?

When Gösta Carlsson made his discovery in a clearing outside the town of Ängelholm on the morning of May 19, he did not understand at first what the item that he held in his hand was. A coat of sticky sand covered its surface and it was not until years later that he discovered that the gleaming rod bore strange carvings. The symbols are similar to those of the old runic alphabet. They are simple, as if the one making them intended to avoid everything but straight lines. The first symbol looks like an ”F” while the three that follow look like simple drawn trees and the fifth symbol like a caved in roof. Their meaning is unknown. Gösta Carlsson believes that the rod was a part of the vessel’s engine. That theory doesn’t help us on our quest. The symbols are impossible to interpret. (1)

George Adamski, an American, who was the first great contact - and the most doubted - on two occasions received messages bearing ”alien overtones”. One of the messages, in the form of two prints, was left in the sand after an encounter in the desert on November 20, 1952. The two prints left individual patterns; the print from the left sole left a few simple lines in the middle, dashes, dots and an oval at the heel - the right sole left a symbol similar to a swastika and an oval shaped symbol that encircled more dots and lines. Both patterns were irregular and a blend of writing and symbols.

George Adamski also received the second message during the close encounter on November 20. Ha claims to personally have handed over a ”photographic plate” to the space travelers. When he got the plate back on December 13, the original photo had been replaced by strange symbols. On the top of the plate was the same symbol as previously found on the print from the right sole - an oval shaped symbol and a stylized swastika. Below the oval shaped symbol was a clutter of total of 40 different symbols that looked like doodling, drawn without any straight lines. The symbols are different in size and do not look like originating from a highly advanced civilization, as George Adamski claims. (2)

But Adamski has also left behind written messages that never made it to any of his books. Why he chose to keep these a secret is unclear. One of the messages found, written on stationery belonging to Adamski himself, consisted of complicated symbols, similar to the written language of the Mayas, while another had been sent to Lou Zinsstag - UFO researcher and personal friend of Adamski’s - in Switzerland. Here the symbols are quite different from the rest; something Adamski himself explained with that a new group of aliens had landed on earth and replaced the previous ones. With the twelve symbols came a translation: ”Ge. Adamski is the only one on earth that we support”. The sententious message ended with a signature. (3)

On November 17, 1954, Spaniard Alberto Sammartin was given a beautiful stone with ten symbols carved into it, by a creature from another planet. The man, who appeared to be very young, had blond curly hair that touched his shoulders. His face signaled, according to Sammartin, ”confidence, clarity and beauty; his equal only found in Greek statues.”

The stone, on the other hand, didn’t look like much. Though it had a beautiful violet color and yellow spots, the symbols were not very enlightening. The stone measured 12 cm in length, 4 cm in height and 2 cm in width. On it were symbols that were similar to those that Antonio Villas Boas later on would draw; straight or angled lines with dots and semicircles and one circle. Sammartin also met a beautiful woman that drew a formula that described ”the secret behind time and space”. The inscription on the stone took another step and described ”the ego’s secret relationship with time and space”. (4)

In mid-October, 1957, one of the most well known encounters in the history of UFOs took place. The young man Antonio Villas Boas out of Brazil claimed to have been taken onboard an alien object that had landed in the family’s field, and also to have been seduced by a beautiful, alien woman. Also Villas Boas described ”his” alien woman as being divinely beautiful: ”her body was more beautiful than that of any other woman I have ever seen”.

During his visit onboard the ship, Villas Boas noticed an inscription above one of the doors. He later drew it from memory. The symbols bore strong resemblance with the ten symbols on Sammartins stone; straight lines with sharp bends, dots and curved hooks. (5)

A strange manner - even in this context - in which to receive an alien message happened in the instance of the 32-year-old Brazilian statistician Helio Aguiar. On the 24 of April 1959, he was riding his motorcycle near a place called Piatã when he spotted a disc, gleaming like silver, sweeping across the sky. Señor Auiar had the presence of mind to pull over and take three pictures of the vessel, but as he was about to take a fourth, he passed out. By the time he regained consciousness, the object was gone. In his hand he found a note that read: ”Stop all tests of atomic bombs of military use. The balance of the universe is threatened. We will be on our guard and be prepared to take action”. (6)

A close encounter from which the contact almost were able to bring back an alien book was when the American woman Betty Hill on September 19, 1962 claimed to have been abducted alongside her husband Barney. The event is well known and is regarded as the first “traditional abduction. This is what Betty Hill told Boston physician Benjamin Simon during one of many hypnoses.

”It looked almost like - I’m not sure - it was not like in a reference book - the writing did not run horizontally, but from the top down./.../ It looked different, though I have seen written Japanese. There were dots (above the letters). It had straight lines and curved lines”, Betty Hill never did write down any of her observations. To our help are only her oral testimonies. (7)

An interesting observation was made by police officer Lonnie Zamora near Scorro, New Mexico on April 24, 1964. Zamora who was busy chasing a speeding car, suddenly saw a flash of light accompanied by a loud thundering noise from an area where he knew dynamite was being kept. He suspected that there had been an explosion, so therefor he ceased and turned off onto a smaller road. As he got closer he was surprised to find an egg shaped object on the ground. Next to it were two human-like forms. On the object itself Zamora observed a symbol consisting of a semicircle over an arrow with a horizontal line beneath that. The object then took of and Zamora over radio reported the incident to the police headquarter. (8)

On the second of March 1965, John Reeves from Florida, lying on the ground detected two thin pieces of paper after having had a close encounter. Reeves had discovered a landed saucer while taking a walk in the woods. Hidden behind shrubs, he observed a humanoid, wearing some kind of protective suit, moving about and around the space craft, before finally talking off. When finding the pieces of paper he could conclude that the writing was similar to shorthand. The writing was later on decoded and revealed the following message: ”The planet Mars - Will you be coming home soon? - We miss you very much - Why are you staying so long?”(9)

Another case when observers have described different types of writing on the exterior of objects happened in Texas. On the morning of March 23, 1966, William Laxton was on his way to work on Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls, Texas. While driving his car along U.S. 70, he suddenly spotted an oval shaped object hovering just above the road. He pulled the car over, got out, and started walking in the direction of the object when he discovered an individual dressed in a green jump suit and wearing a cap with its peak bent up, that was squatting next to a ladder beneath the object. When the man, who appeared to be in his mid-thirties spotted Laxton, he climbed in fast and took off.

William Laxton observed how several windows and a transparent bubble in the front of the vessel, lit up. On the side of the vessel he could just barely make out the letters ”T” and ”L” written on top of one another and the figures 4768 and beneath them the figures 4168. From his observations, Laxton drew the conclusion that the vessel was used for conducting test and lab work. (10)

One of the most famous examples is a series of photographs taken from the town of José de Valderas in Spain on June first, 1967. The photographs show a saucer-like object up-close and on its underside is a symbol similar to the astronomical symbol for the planet Uranus, a capital “H” with a line through, visible. Later on, the photographs were exposed as fakes, when an analysis in the picture found a string that was attached to the ”flying” object. This case has connections with another famous UFO fraud - the UMMO affair. (11)

In 1970, the American contactee John W Dean, published his book ”Flying Saucers Close-up” in which he in detail accounts for his encounters with the Korendians. It is a fantastic tale, enhanced by colorful, retouched photographs of flying saucers. Dean also includes a complete grammar, weight system and figures. The letters are simple and legible compared, for example, to the scribbling of Adamski, but Dean’s ideas are no more than products of a writer’s mind. (12)

The latest example in a series of alien messages can be found in the so called ”autopsy movie”, marketed by movie producer Ray Santilli. The movie is supposed to have been shot in New Mexico in 1947 and shows ”wreckage” from a crashed object, among other things an I-shaped beam with symbols on it. The symbols are similar to those of the Greek alphabet, and the first sequence of five letters seems to form the word VIDEO. The evidence seems to point in the direction of the whole thing being a hoax. (13)

Also another alleged crash in Aztec, New Mexico, resulted in a written message. The crash is said to have occurred on the 25:th of March 1948, and is described in William Steinman’s book ”UFO Crash at Aztec”. But today the crash is regarded as a hoax by most American researchers. The book contains symbols, said to originate from the crashed spacecraft. About 30 lines with symbols in the shapes of triangles, flashes, lines, circles and figures identical to our own. (14)

Today it is rare that contactees can produce written proof of their experiences. Instead it seems to have come into fashion to write messages by their own hand, the so-called automatic writing. One example is Swedish contactee Christina West, also known under her ”space name” Channie. Channie West claims to have had contact with “Tissi Mo”, an alien woman, ever since her childhood. Thanks to “Tissi Mo”, Channie has been able to learn both the written and spoken language of the aliens. The letters are a combination of different (earthly) astrological symbols, among others the symbol for the planets Jupiter and Uranus, and hardly alien in origin. (15)

Swedish contactee Ante Jonsson, claims to have had several contacts during 1984-1987 with creatures from somewhere else (not necessarily from another planet). On one occasion observed what looked like figures on the entrance to a sub-water base. The figures looked like a ”4” and a ”7”, but were more curved. On another occasion he observed a symbol in the shape of two semicircles attached to one another and a horizontal line during a visit onboard one of the vessels belonging to the creatures. (16)

In an article in the English magazine Fortean Times, writer and researcher Hilary Evans points out plausible causes to the messages from the other side. He notes that there are no significant differences between the messages from the other side (as told by mediums) and the canalized messages from aliens (as told by contactees). Their resemblance is striking.

One example is the 35 year old Swiss woman ”Helene Smith” (Catherine Elise Muller1861 - 1929) who during the turn of the last century claimed to be in contact with Victor Hugo, Cagliostro as well as with the inhabitants of Mars. Helene Smith also drew messages in marsian and learned to speak the language, which sounded very similar to French. Professor Theodore Flournoy, who during several years accompanied the young woman, was impressed with her seemingly logical and consequent use of the language. The letters were relatively simple, consisting of straight lines and bends. But the messages were less than impressive and it didn’t take long before Flournoy were able to show that the messages were not from Cagliostro or Hugo - and hardly from Marsians either. Today it’s evident that the messages originated from Helene Smith herself and her imagination, and not from any real phenomenon. The lack of success and adventure in real life gave birth to vivid creations of her mind. (17)


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