Lively debate at the UFO-conference

L-R: O.J. Braenne, Clas Svahn, Kent Jeffrey, Nick Pope, Jenny Randles and Per Andersen.
Photo: Claes Axstal.

         On October 27th, last year, UFO-Sweden arranged Swedens first international UFO-conference. It took place at the Arken-conference centre in Gothenburg. Well known ufologists from USA, Great Britain, Denmark and Norway held appreciated lectures during the weekend.

                                             By Andreas Ohlsson.

     After a couple of intense months of preparations the day was finaly here for the international meeting with like-minded foreigner ufologists. People came from near and far. Some of the 150 visitors had travel very long, to listen to the invited veterans.

     UFO-Sweden had also arranged, like the summer of '96 exibit in Angelholm, for people to see the mobile UFO-exhibition, the report database and to surf on the net. On the eavning the lecture-holders was invited to dinner by the conference company FMA, who arranged the conference together with UFO-Sweden.

     I asked Nick Pope, who had worked as an analysis for the British defence department, how he could say that some UFO's was of extraterrestrial origin, which he had both written and said in public. He was very vague in his answer to my question and he generally avoided to give a straight answers.
     I think he knows, like myself, that it never has come to the point that we have full evidence to support the possibility of extraterrestrial visits on this planet. Perhaps he didn't expect these types of critical questions that we give to him. The young Mr. Pope was a very nice person who, in an attractive and easy understandable London dialect, willingly shared his experiences.

     The dinner ended with a lively discussion between Nick Pope and Jenny Randles.

Jenny Randles and Kent Jeffrey discusses the sunburnt pieces of Project Mogul from the Roswell-case.

     The lectures on Sunday started off with Ole Jonny Braenne from UFO-Norway, who without any pictures to back him up did carry through his lecture about the Norwegian secret police interest in the UFO-question.

     The Danish SUFOI chairman, Per Andersen, described cases in Denmark and showed us, in a very professional way, different types of investigation-results about to the observers credibility a.s.. Several studies have shown that abductees and contact people seems to have a greater disposition of fantasy than others. However, it has in other cases not been possible to draw the conclusion that ordinary people who has seen UFO's, in general, have a higher disposition to fantasy than other people. Per Andersen also told us about a carstop-case where the driver had been suppressed by a mysterious light while the car instruments run amok.

     Paul Fuller, who was sick, was replaced by Jenny Randles, who therefor gave us two lectures. The first case was about the occurrences near Randlesham Forest on the English east coast. In connection to a military base both military and civilians saw a mystical object inside the military area. Jenny Randles is in the category of ufologists who is very critical and careful. Which is a necessity when it comes to a such myth-infected subject as ufology.

     She ended with a questioning if it really is extra terrestrial beings who is responsible for the UFO-observations. Randles meant that there is a possibility that we can have been exposed to some sort of experiment, done by our fellow man, for the purpose to investigate how we human react in a certain situation. By letting people think they see something extra terristrial it would be possibly to see how the community responses, and how it influence peoples minds.

     Jenny Randles second lecture was a critical examination of the abduction phenomenon. Randles did an interesting comparisment of how alien creatures are apprehended in different continents. In South America wolf-like, big creatures with an aggressive external are observed. If we look at the US we find the typical small grey hominoids who terrorise the hysterical American community. Then what do we see in Europe? Well, we see very little of the small grey humanoids or wolf-like creatures. We merely see tall, blond, Scandinavian beings which are very civilised in there contact with humans. Jenny Randles points out that after twenty years of investigating UFO's she still doesn't have any answers to the phenomenon. She's open to all possibilities, which, with no doubt, is necessity when it comes to a subject like this.

     Hypnosis destroys

     Jenny Randles also gave a strong warning to the use of hypnosis in suspected cases of abductions.
- Hypnosis destroys evidence and creates memories. It is not a serum of veracity, she also said.

Anders Persson of UFO Sweden and Narkontakt show visitors some of the
13.000 Swedish reports that is kept
in the electronic
Report Central.

     Another guest of the Gothenburg conference was Kent Jeffrey from the US. Jeffrey made a careful runthrough of the Roswell crash in New Mexico, 1947.

     He began with telling us how contradicting the case is.
From the beginning it was a UFO, then a wheather balloon, to finally transform to a secret Pentagon balloon. After four years of examining the case, he, even for himself, doesn't know what really happened. But he is convinced that the military hasn't shown us all they know. Why was these Pentagon balloons so secret that they didn't tell us about them until 1994? Jeffrey is clear in his opinion that there is an explanation somewhere, waiting for us.
-It is several important witnesses left. I have talked to a few of them and hope to get in contact with the rest of them, he said.

     Prior to the conference Nick Pope was considered the hilight of the day and therefore he was placed as a finalspeaker. In the media he has been presented as the real Fox Mulder of "the X Files". A similarity he takes with caution, but at the same time says that his work within the British defence ministry (MoD) was far from glamorous compared to his TV-colleague. The day went. People come and people left. Many stayed faithfull til the ending panel debate.

     The day was finished when the firealarm went on without any explanation, and in the same time it began to blow up to a storm outside the conference centre. Maybe it was because an alien and mysterious force have it's power over the weather and the winds after he had been incensed over our critical discussions about some mystery that it don't want us to solve.

     But I think we will - sometime.

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